Leaked Christian Eriksen’s contract at Inter Milan, his salary is IDR 4.6 billion per week

Christian Eriksen and Inter Milan are said to have agreed on several matters related to the contract. Both sides have agreed on a figure of Rp 4.6 billion per week for the player’s salary.

Christian Eriksen is widely said to be joining Inter Milan. In fact, Eriksen had actually intended to move at the start of the 2019/2020 season, but Tottenham was not released.

Christian Eriksen’s contract expires on June 30, 2020. Tottenham have tried to offer a new contract, but were refused. Tottenham also had no other way except to release it in January 2020 to get compensation money.

The name Christian Eriksen was included in the Barcelona shot, but that was only a rumor. It was Inter Milan who really approached and had already held talks with the 27-year-old.

Christian Eriksen’s contract with Inter Milan

Sky Sports journalist, Kaveh Solhekol, based on sources obtained, obtained a lot of information about the transfer of Christian Eriksen to Inter Milan. According to him, there is currently no agreement on the club.

„Daniel Levy [Tottenham’s owner] seems to be getting what he wants again,“ opened Kaveh Solhekol.

Christian Eriksen's contract with Inter Milan

„Tottenham’s position from the start was that they would not receive less than 18 million pounds for Christian Eriksen even though he only had six months left on his contract,“ he continued.

Based on Kaveh Solhekol’s informant in Italy, Inter Milan, which initially only set aside 16 million pounds, will meet the price requested by Tottenham. One more step Inter Milan and Tottenham will reach an agreement.

„Christian Eriksen will get a double salary,“ said Kaveh Solhekol.

How Much is Christian Eriksen’s Salary?

Salary became an important element in the negotiations between Inter Milan and Christian Eriksen. Inter Milan will make the Danish national team players pocket money 260 thousand pounds [around Rp. 4.6 billion] per week if they are willing to sign a contract.

„He [Eriksen] will sign a four-and-a-half-year contract and he will make 260,000 pounds per week. With a bonus that can reach 320,000 pounds a week,“ said Kaveh Solhekol.

Meanwhile, some media in Italy said Christian Eriksen had agreed and would soon undergo a medical test. The former Ajax Amsterdam player will be introduced as a new Inter Milan player next Monday.

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