Just playing 57 minutes, Haaland has set a new record with Dortmund

Erling Braut Haaland could not stop making the public amazed by his sharpness. Recently, he set a new record with his newest club, namely Borussia Dortmund.

As you know, Haaland landed in Germany after Dortmund succeeded in bringing him from RB Salzburg by redeeming a transfer clause worth 20 million euros. Small value considering he was targeted by many clubs at the time.

Haaland was hunted by many big European clubs because of his sharpness and young age, which is 19 years. For information, he managed to present 16 goals in just 14 appearances in the Austrian Bundesliga event.

His goal score in the Champions League was also interesting. Being in a group with big clubs like Liverpool and Napoli, the Norwegian man managed to record eight goals in just six appearances.

Haaland Records New Records

And it turns out, Haaland scored not just mere imagination. Because the consistency of breaking into the opponent’s goal continues in the competition that is no less strict, the German Bundesliga.

In his debut match which did not last for 90 minutes, Haaland was able to pocket three goals at once. Then, in his second match with Dortmund against FC Koln, he successfully bagged two more goals.

Haaland Records New Records

Haaland also entered in the second round against Koln. These additional two goals made him into the record book. Haaland became the first player to score five goals in two matches in the competition

Not only that, Haaland also posted a neat nick. He created these five goals in just 57 minutes. That means, he scored 7.9 goals in 90 minutes. On average this is a new record for the club.

Number of Dortmund Goals Increased

In the end, Dortmund successfully won over FC Koln with a landslide score of 5-1. The other three goals were created by Raphael Guerreiro, Marco Reus, and Jadon Sancho.

Since there was Haaland, Dortmund’s goal has improved dramatically. Lucien Favre’s club has scored 10 goals in just two matches.

In the previous match against Augsburg, Dortmund also successfully reaped victory with a score of 5-3. The club’s nickname, Die Borussien, was printed by Julian Brandt, Jadon Sancho, and the rest was bought by Haaland.

Unfortunately the two neat nicks have not been able to lift the degree of Dortmund in the standings. They are still ranked third with the same collection points with residents of second place, Bayern Munich, which is 36.

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